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Frequently asked questions


Is the Camino a religious trip?
If that is your goal it can be, but for most people it is a spiritual journey. For some of us it is a wonderful way to hike through the beautiful landscapes of Spain and Portugal. The Camino has started as a Catholic pilgrimage trail but it has now also become a secular journey. The majority of monuments we will come across are religious buildings such as abbeys, cathedrals and churches.
Do you offer Camino Coaching?
We don’t do coaching, we only guide you on the path. Everybody can experience their Camino in their own personal way. There is plenty of room for experiencing the cultural, religious, sportive, culinary and social aspects of the Camino

If you are looking for somebody to guide you on your path of internal transformation, we warmly recommend Philippe Faes of Randori.

Do I need to be fit to hike the Camino?
You do not need to be an athlete but you do need to be fit enough to hike an average of 20 km (12.5 miles) a day, sometimes we will walk a little less. Any reasonably fit person can accomplish this journey.
As a prepartion for your trip we advise you to already start walking short distances three times a week building up to longer distances. After that you should be able to walk 20 to 25 km a day with a light backpack.
How big is the group?

The Go Camino group will be between 4 and 10 people. Whether you walk on your own or stay with our group is up to you to decide. You can socialize as much as you like during the Camino, after all it’s your Camino!

Do I need to carry my own backpack?
No, not necessarily. This is a decision you can make yourself. Included in the Go Camino package is the baggage transportation service of one bag. Keep in mind that there is not always a lift in your accommodation. You can carry a lighter daypack during the day.
What do I need to take on this trip?
Go Camino will post you a packing list once you are registered.
What about accommodation?
The accommodation is small, simple, rustic, often in the oldest part of a village. It is clean and provided with hot showers. Since all the accommodation is reserved, there is no “race for a bed” at the end of a day, so there is ample time to walk comfortably avoiding injuries. One of the great advatages of booking your trip with Go Camino.
Where do we eat?
We enjoy a breakfast at the hotel. Lunch may be a picnic on the side of the road or in a café / bar or restaurant. Dinner (starting from 10-20 euros) is usually a meal where you sit down with other pilgrims in a communual setting. Often these are three course meals with wine, bread and water included. The areas where we walk have fantastic local cuisine, especially in Galicia where you can eat delicious pulpo or octopus. Let us know in advance if you have any food allergies.
What if I get blisters and I can’t walk?
As already mentioned, this is not a “race for a bed” so you can take your time. If you find it too difficult to continue then you have the choice to take a bus or taxi (costs not included). These are inexpensive in Spain (1-3 euros per ride).
Do we have to walk together as a group ?
You are entirely free to choose: walk at your own pace, alone or with other fellow pilgrims.
Pilgrims often change walking partners from day to day. You can start by walking with me (I leave early in the Summer). If you like to sleep a little longer, take more time to look around in the villages and towns or wait until a museum opens that is fine. We are always reachable by phone.
We would appreciate it if the group would gather at the end of the day once we’ve checked in so we can discuss the itinerary for the next day. It is important that every pilgrim has enough space to enjoy the experience of the spiritual landscape on this beautiful centuries old trail.
What if I want to visit a town or an attraction which is off the Camino trail?
You are of course free to go where you want and leave the group. If possible, we help you to plan your trip, but accommodation and transport was made for you and unfortunately we cannot provide reimbursement for any changes.
What do we do after we have checked into our accommodation?
You can do some laundry, take a siësta, go sightseeing or a bit of shopping in the small villages. We will provide a list of sights to see in our daily schedule.
What is a ‘credential’?
The credential (included in your package) is a passport that allows you to stay in pilgrim accommodation on the Camino. Every time you stay somewhere you have to ask to get your credential stamped with a ‘sello’. You can also obtain the sello in churches, cafe / bars and tourist information centers. When we arrive in Santiago, you can submit the credential to the pilgrim office to then collect your ‘Compostela’.
Wat is a ‘Compostela’ ?

The Compostela is a certificate of completion based on a 14 th century Latin document. It is given to pilgrims who have walked the last 100 km to Santiago and claim to have walked the journey for religious or spiritual reasons. It is required that you have walked the last 100 km and you have stamped at least 2 sellos a day if you want “de Compostela”. Others get another but equally beautiful hiking certificate. You have to finish your tour in Santiago de Compostela to obtain a certificate or Compostela. Would you like to frame your Compostela and Credential? Please visit Camino Frames

Does everyone need to participate in the digital detox?
The digital detox is completely without obligation, of course it is nice if everyone could last until the end. With the simple phone you can text and call home. Also, there is a ‘Go Camino’ letterhead provided. A Go Camino member will be there to take pictures of you on key moments of this special journey.
What happens when we arrive in Santiago ?
It’s a beautiful thing when we walk to Santiago as a group on the last day but if this is not possible then we can agree to meet for a photo-shoot. After checking we can go to the pilgrim office to get your Compostela. There is also a pilgrim museum which is really worth a visit. Every Friday, at 19.30 there is the swinging of the Botafumeiro censer through the cathedral. As this is our last evening together, it would be nice if we could raise a glass to celebrate the accomplishment.
The next day you can decide the agenda yourself, perhaps walking in the narrow streets or booking an excursion to Finisterre – the end of the world – for a nice end of this magical Camino.
I can’t find my questions / How do I contact you ?
Through our FAQ we try to answer the most common questions. Are you not able to find the answer to the question, contact us by email on: elvira@go-camino.com or on +32 485730775

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