We will hike from El Acebo into Ponferrada, about 15,7 km. Today is another gorgeous day on the Camino, plenty of sunshine!

When we hike downhill from El Acebo we can hear that there is a deer who runs away from us. We also get company from 6 !! dogs who walk us to the next village.

It is your Camino, not all of us necessary are choosing the easiest way.

Antje and Elke, 2 German peregrina’s are taking their dogs Bailey and Nero to Santiago.

Nero also has a Camino shell.

In the village of Molinaseca we cross the river Meruelo over the beautiful Roman bridge. We drink a coffee next to the bridge and enjoy the view. Old King of Spain, Juan Carlos has crossed this bridge while being on pilgrimage.

In Ponferrada with a population of 68.000 inhabitants, we visit the Castillo Templario de Ponferrada, or Castle of the Knights Templar. It is a castle-fortress.

Impressive view over the Montes de León and Cantabrian Mountains.